Monday, October 22, 2007

Stasiu's = Twilight Zone?

I had never been to Stasiu's before last week, but my friend Nikki is prone to frequenting bars in spurts, so now, having been there twice, I am prepared to state that strange fripping encounters take place at Stasiu's. A list:

1. "My friend Mike's band is playing," Nikki said when she invited me the first time. I'd been there for about two minutes before I spotted the Spyhouse barista who'd been totally unapologetic about the lack of decaf the night before. "Hey," I said, "that's the Spyhouse guy who gave me attitude yesterday."

"Oh, that's Mike," she told me. Mike turns out to be very pleasant.

"I think I bought a cup of coffee from you yesterday," I told him when Nikki introduced us.

"Oh," he said. "Was I a jerk? Sorry."

2. "I'm from a small town in South Dakota," a new acquaintance shouted in my ear over the music. "Aberdeen." Trust me when I say the fact that I never knew him before is truly strange. Apparently he played football in the Heupel era. Not that anyone is still holding onto that.

3. I'm fairly certain I spotted a guy I had an awkward blind date with a year ago. I remember him saying that he hung out there. Guess he still does. This significantly limits the chances of my returning frequently, despite:

4. A GO-GO. I kid you not, Jane Wiedlin was there on Saturday night. I guess her band played (not the Go-Gos, duh), but I was stupidly in the other part of the bar, discussing Central football and ducking out of the view of Blind Date, so I was not even aware she was there until after she'd played. She hung out afterward though, canoodling with some much younger fellow. Girl's still got it.

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Nikki said...

hooray for the use of the word "canoodling"!

hooray for not being more vicious towards dudes still stuck in the heupel era!

hooray for sad sad go-gos!

hooray for hiding by the foosball table!

hooray for nikki and her ever-poor judgment!

this is the thing i like best about nikki!