Monday, November 19, 2007

Fictitious Crush: Steve Dunne

Back in the day before Cameron Crowe made crappy movies that unintentionally parodied his earlier, better movies, there was Singles. In Steve, Crowe (master of the Highly Evolved Male Character) gave us an outgoing, articulate, gridlock-fighting audiophile, who won our hearts by overthinking the significance of Linda unlocking his car door, and by dubbing her ex “Mr. Sensitive Ponytail Man.” He thinks of Xavier McDaniel to distract himself at critical moments. He takes a brave leap when Linda delivers unexpected news. And his post-breakup phone call to her answering machine from a rock club phone booth (“I was just having many beers…”) stands as one of the greatest drunk dials in cinema history. Steve’s descent into madness after Linda never gets the message finds him living as a hermit among mountains of pizza boxes and unopened mail, yet somehow we still love him in the dirty t-shirt and scruffy facial hair. In fact, we may even love him more once it dawns on us that he’s Mr. Sensitive Unshaven Man.

What took us so long, Steve Dunne? We were stuck in traffic. Let's get an apartment together to avoid future separations.

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