Monday, November 26, 2007

The Herrs are a small tribe, which makes our holidays pretty low key compared to those of other families. The most notable event this year was probably on Friday, when my grandma forgot she was supposed to be tailing my mother back to the highway, and randomly turned down an exit to god-knows-where. It all worked out; my mom found her again and set her on the right path home, and once she'd called to confirm she'd made it all right, our psyches were clear to go to the bar for five hours.

I'm hoping this becomes a Black Friday tradition, and knowing the family's universal aversion to crowds, noise, and shopping, I think there's a good chance. Honestly, I'll take a bottomless vodka tonic over some stupid bargain on a down comforter any day. Especially when Dad is paying.

There were a few years when I wondered how long our family could remain a foursome; Jon and I both had stretches with significant others when it seemed possible that someone might be joining us for the holidays. Thankfully, we both proved incapable of sustaining a serious relationship, and our family gatherings remain comfortable, insular affairs. So we had a lovely time at the bar- I'm making it sound like we're a bunch of drunks, but we paced ourselves, and my dad, on DD duty, was just there to smoke cigars.

I made cookies when we got home. Giant, misshapen, delicious cookies. And my mom sent Jon and I away on Saturday with a giant batch of Chex mix to split between ourselves. My half is already gone, and now, considering the salt content, I think I know why I had a headache all weekend. Will have to tell Mom that I can't be trusted alone with Chex mix in the future. I feel gross. I'm definitely going to the gym tonight. We shall never speak of the Chex incident again.

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