Friday, November 30, 2007

Motivational Plan! Regarding Fiscal Responsibility! Woot woot!

So about an hour ago I was pretending to be an adult and I Reviewed My Finances. And now I've hatched a harebrained scheme that I am going to publicly commit to ("publicly" as in, "here on my blog, because it is so highly-trafficked, clearly"). Ready? Okay:

I, Kate, do hereby proclaim that I will pay off my credit card before my next birthday.

My next birthday is three (3) months or six (6) paychecks away. So this is going to be hard. But, according to my calculations (which I made in a fancy Excel doc with formulas and stuff), if I limit my non-fixed expenses (which include groceries, toiletries, household goods, gas, car maintenance, dining out, entertainment, gifts, and clothing) to $100 a week, I can reach my goal. And after I do that, I can start doing the other money stuff I'm supposed to be doing, like, umm... saving it.

And if any of you legions of readers out there want to be all, "Well, what do you even do to run up a bill like that? Everyone knows you're not supposed to carry a balance on your card. Neener neener nee," you can just zip it! I am well aware of The Rules when it comes to credit. However, stuff happens in life. In my case, a car happened, and cars need tires and alternators and stuff, and these are hard costs to absorb when you're Just Starting Out and don't like the idea of leaning on your parents for help all the time. Geez! Take off, eh?!

So... if I don't get you an awesome gift this year, or if you notice me drinking a lot of Diet Coke next time we go to happy hour, you'll know why. BUT, if you want to party once I'm retired, I'll be ready to rip it up with my healthy and responsible nest egg. See you in Boca.


Nikki said...

have you ever seen nikki miller cry?
would you like to see nikki miller cry?

ask her how many credit cards she has (she would need to do a little background research).

then ask what her total outstanding balance is (would require even further research, and a large calculator).

then, the tears will flow.

i don't like to see nikki miller cry. so i try to help her pay a little above her minimums each month, and then hide the statements. never ever ever ever add the statement balances in your head. never ever.

neener neener.

good work!

CresceNet said...
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