Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nine Good Things

I had a problem with pessimism when I was little. It got to the point where my mother used to tuck me into bed and make me list three good things that had happened every day. Wow, I haven't thought about this for a long time. I was one dour kid for a while there. Anyway, in honor of my mother, and as penance for the recent spate of mopey/furious entries, I present the following list of Nine Good Things:

1. The Omnivore's Dilemma. I cannot recommend this book enough. While you've probably heard some fringe arguments for mass changes in our diets and food policy, it takes a journalist like Michael Pollan to credibly explain how we've gotten to where we are, what's wrong with the choices we've been making, and some possible paths for moving forward. You might be able to ignore your hippie neighbor when she starts spouting off about the virtues of non processed foods, but you can't ignore this book.

2. Homemade veggie burgers. (Inspired by #1.) I just added a Williams-Sonoma patty press to my Festivus wish list, because I've got big dreams for mass producing these little babies. And by "mass," I mean "enough to fill my freezer," because they're just for me, I'm not sharing, and if you want some you'll have to make your own.

3. Working Girl. This movie gets no respect from people my age. (Probably because we were 7 when it was released, and unless you secretly watched your mom's VHS copy in the basement after school like I did, you may not have seen it.) Allow me to direct your attention to its IMDB Awards Page. It was nominated for Best Picture. Deservedly so. And Joan Cusack was robbed, by the way.

4. Gilmore Girls. Season 7 was released today, and I don't even care that Amy Sherman-Palladino has left. It might suck, but it's at the top of my Netflix queue and you know there's a marathon weekend in my future. A pathetic, pajama-clad, man-free marathon weekend.

5. Friday Night Lights. My friendship with Braden requires me to recommend this show, but having recently watched all of season 1, I can honestly tell you that it is superb, even if you have no interest in football. Stay home on Fridays and watch it. Tell your friends. Invite them over, if the idea of staying home on Friday bugs you.

6. The Oceanaire. I don't know what got into my dad's head, but we've got a Saturday dinner reservation. Fancy!

7. Free tickets to Sunday's Vikings game. Thanks, office business card drawing!

8. $100 gift certificate to 20.21. Thanks, Frida Kahlo party drawing! Plus, now that I don't have any pesky date possibilities, I can go by myself and get a super nice bottle of wine!

9. The Daily Mole. Still in beta. Go see. This site, plus the more staid MinnPost, proves that when you eff with real journalists, they will find a way to out-create and out-class you. Then all you'll have left is a bunch of 22-year-old cub reporters with no mentors, and an asinine business plan for digging yourself out of the poo. (coughcoughVita.mncough!)

There. Nine good things. I feel better already.

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