Monday, November 5, 2007

So I'm driving my Little home after Bee Movie on Saturday afternoon (skip it, by the way), and a block away from her house I notice a teddy bear sitting on the curb, with a heart-shaped balloon tied to its teddy bear arm, surrounded by empty beer bottles. Because I'm a MORON, I chuckle and say, "Why is there a bear sitting on the curb?" And she- totally nonchalant- says, "Somebody got shot there last night. They moved the body though. He lived right there."


When I told Brendan this story, he knew what was coming as soon as I got to the teddy bear. He's got this annoying (and correct, thus far) theory that I'm going to learn more in this relationship than she is. So far, we've covered:
* how to flee Chicago because Dad beats Mom
* how, sometimes, your birthday trip to the water park gets repeatedly postponed because "your sister's check didn't come," and
* Sometimes your neighbors get shot.

And I asked for an easy case.

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