Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Umm... a postcard is a piece of paper that you mail without an envelope...

Question of the day from a 10-year-old: "What's a postcard?"

Man alive, this kid has a way of making me feel old. We also had a conversation about Raven Symone, and how I know her as "that annoying kid from the Cosby Show," while the Little knows her as "Raven, of 'That's So Raven,' a.k.a. the coolest girl alive." (Okay, she didn't say it exactly like that, but that was the gist.) Ah, generational differences.

Things are going well, despite the fact that I'll never be as cool as Raven. We went to The Bad Waitress last night because it was our last chance to hang out pre-Thanksgiving. She ordered the Buckaroo Burger and a hot chocolate, and I think she liked the whole "write your order and your superhero name on the memo pad" concept. She kept taking these weird steps when she got up for things, and then I realized that she was trying to only step on certain colors of floor tiles. She's pretty much the most adorable kid ever.

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