Monday, December 17, 2007

About Friday. I'm going to focus on the positive- on the fact that the kid got a bike and that I only cried briefly, and only when I was walking behind her and she didn't see. She asked if she got to keep it, and my heart broke a little bit in a happy/complicated way.

I am not going to focus on the fact that after we'd frozen our heinies off wedging the thing into my trunk and then laboriously unwedging it once back at her house... that no one was home and her mother had left me a note asking me to drop her off somewhere else. So we re-wedged, and re-unwedged at the friend's house. Mom is kind of on my list right now.

The Little is spending her school break in Chicago with her dad, so I told her to call me when she gets back, and she said, "I'll call you when I'm there," and scurried off into the house with her bike. This kid wrecks me.

Speaking of wreckage, after the bike party I hightailed it to the company party, put on my dress in the car, and burned through my drink tickets in record time. There was a brief and ill-fated expedition to Sheik's after the official party had shut down, but we realized very quickly that the ladies in open-toed shoes would not fare well on that walk. Also, apparently bars close at 1:30-ish. We were shocked, shocked to learn this. The fatigue set in not long after and I shared a cab home with Mary, with a brief pit stop for Mary's fellow to yuke on a curb, which, coincidentally, is exactly what I felt like doing on Saturday morning.

I'm pretty sure the whole episode canceled out whatever "good person points" I had banked from the bike thing. But I like to keep the universe guessing.

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