Friday, December 14, 2007

Em and I saw Juno at the Walker last night. It was such a treat. I strongly recommend that you cancel your weekend plans and go see it.

Afterward, we went to Lurcat to make up for the fact that we couldn't elbow in to the bar at 20.21 before the movie. (Having been to 20.21 three or four times now, I have to tell you that my official conclusion is this: It's sooooo overrated. Don't go to the trouble.) And after Lurcat, I wiped out on the stairs to my building. Yeah, I'm smoove like that.

Tonight I'm taking the Little to a Big Brothers/Big Sisters party. It's at the dome. She thinks we're just going to play games and eat hot dogs and stuff. Here's what she doesn't know: she's getting a bike. 350 kids are getting bikes tonight. Here's a cautionary note from the event organizers:

From past experience: Once the bikes are revealed, there will be a 10-15 minute period of extreme excitement. There are safety procedures and protocol if you get separated from your child or Little. This information will be provided to you upon your arrival.

There's a good chance that I will cry during the period of extreme excitement. Don't tell anyone. I have a reputation to maintain here.


Nikki said...

that gave me chills.

the kilipino said...

i just came across your blog.... im friends with angie, and saw your blog linked on her page. do i know you?? im guessing maybe, cause everyone in minnesota knows each other!!

anywho, i just wanna say good for you for participating in bbbs. the world needs more people like you:)