Friday, December 7, 2007

I gotta call my mom to tell her she's been wrong all this time, because I solved a problem yesterday just by whining about it. Or rather, Miranda solved it, but it's solved regardless, so my belief in the power of whining is strong.

Last night was the office holiday party, in which we give snarky gifts to whichever coworker victim we've drawn from the hat. (Last year I drew Kevin, whom I gave a sparkly framed clipping of his profile in the Business Journal, which had been mistakenly included in the "Women on the Move" column. He quit a few weeks later, but I don't think it had anything to do with that.) Anyway, it turns out that Miranda drew my name this year, and after I acted like a wet blanket all through lunch because of my car and my lack of money and my wah wah wah, she whipped up an add-on to my gift: a coupon for her dad to accompany me to the salvage yard. So thoughtful! It makes me feel a little sheepish about that talking toothbrush holder I gave her two years ago.

The list of people whom I Owe Big Time just keeps growing, but it's nice. I'm very thankful.

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