Thursday, December 27, 2007

I think my parents take my career more seriously than I do. They gave me a Levenger briefbag for Christmas. Granted, it was on my wishlist, but I put it there a few years ago in a whimsical "someday when I'm not an intern I'll carry a bag like this" kind of mood. Now that I'm actually not an intern, and I actually have the bag, I don't know quite what to do with myself. Maybe I'll spend a few evenings huffing the buttery leather scent until I figure everything out. Yeah, that sounds like an excellent plan.

Also, am I wrong in thinking that it's a little early for the family to start in on the baby pressure? What is it about the holidays that makes all your distant relatives suddenly curious if you're seeing anyone special? Why does my dad keep jokingly offering me and my hypothetical bastard child a room in the parental basement? (And another thing: career pressure or baby pressure. The family needs to choose one. Not both. It doesn't work that way.)

My cousin brought her six month old for a visit on Monday. (I've mentioned before that my family is tiny- Melissa is one of two cousins, and the only one of my grandma's four grandchildren to spawn thus far.) My mom and grandma passed the baby back and forth between themselves and cooed and peekaboo-ed to the max. Seeing my grandma with the baby, and the way her cobwebs seemed to clear a bit during that visit, I felt like a familial slacker for the first time. I realize that my grandmother's declining mental capacity is not a good justification for for fast tracking Operation: Entire Rest of Life, but I do wish I had more to give her. As it is, the weather is about all we have left to talk about.

Maybe this is just my competitive streak rearing its ugly head. I mean, there's just no matching a baby. No one cares that I like... accomplished another move this year.

Jesus, I'm intolerable. Can you see why I drive my brother crazy?


Nikki said...

don't be gross kate.

juno was the most fucking awful movie ever. okay, not ever. "bad girls" starring drew barrymore and andie macdowell is worse. that john carpenter vampire movie is worse. but someone needed to put some red pen all over the dialogue in that thing. and the music was shit.

i realize that has nothing to do with christmas or babies or leather bags.

Kate said...

a) I agree that the dialogue was a little out of control, especially in the early scenes, but it got better

b) The music, i.e. Kimya Dawson, is not for everyone, but I was psyched about it because one time in college she slept on my couch.

c) Every Andie MacDowell movie ever made is the worst movie ever. She ruins everything. EVERYTHING. I'd wager even "Bad Girls" could have been redeemed without her. (I haven't seen it, but such is my confidence in how much any movie could be improved by her absence.)

Nikki said...

a) no, it didn't. it just continued to spin out and out and out and out of control. and don't get me started on the one-dimensional characters. except the dad. i liked the dad. he used to be a psychologist on law & order. and i liked him.
b) she named her kid panda delilah. someone should take away her guitar and send her away to a faraway island.
c) but her face is pretty to look at when they overdub her voice with one less vapid (a la tarzan). she didn't ruin short cuts because lyle lovett, cake decorator, redeemed it. "but there is no joy in mudville—mighty casey has struck out." HA HA HA HA HA!

p.s. i have been accused of being bitter towards a local nobody who made it big. there may be some truth to this accusation.