Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's hard to stay on a budget when you're depressed. It's also hard to stay vegetarian. Or eco-friendly. This explains my lunch of overpriced food court pizza (Canadian bacon and pineapple) served to me in a massive, baby-harp-seal-killing Styrofoam box.

And a merry Christmas to the anonymous lowlife who smashed my headlight. God bless us, everyone.

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Nikki said...

today i ate mcdonald's for breakfast, two fried chicken drumsticks from rainbow for lunch, arby's for dinner.

boy, am i glad i'm bulimic!

assistant manager jon hit on me. he said i could not have a small roast beef sandwich. i said "what, has arby's stopped carrying roast beef? imagine!" he said "no, i won't let you get something as unimaginative as roast beef." "i said, well darn it. i really wanted roast beef." he said "AW, i'm just jokin' you can have anything you want darlin'!" i said "okay, then i would also like some curly fries." he said "okay, well i'm only letting you have roast beef because you're also having curly fries. at least those are creative."
if my romantic prospects were limited to this, i would probably shoot myself.