Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This sweater makes me look pregnant. I don't know why I keep wearing it.

In other news, apparently Juicy Couture makes a fragrance for dogs. It sells for $60 an ounce. I know that people have a right to do as they please with their money, but am I alone in thinking that anyone who would buy couture dog perfume should probably just fall off a boat? Or maybe be forced to drink it while looking at news footage of starving people? Chandler Burr, the Times' perfume critic (so relevant to my life, by the way, as I do often wonder how to describe the scent of a civet's anal gland), has not yet published a review, so perhaps I should reserve judgment. It might be a totally life-altering dog scent. I always found Hartz shampoo pleasant enough, I guess. Also, I loved my dogs enough to not hose them down with a fragrance that would cost them their street cred with the other dogs. Umm... to each her own, though. But no, never mind, I stand by the fall-off-a-boat statement.

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