Monday, December 10, 2007

Two weeks until the holiday-that-shan't-be-named. I have a lot of knitting to do.

Yeah, uhh... I'm knitting gifts for my family this year. (I don't know if any of my family members read this, but I think they're aware of this plan. I may have mentioned it a month or two ago. If not, sorry for ruining the surprise.) It's part of my thrifty scheme for surviving the holidays while paying off debt. There are, however, a number of flaws in this plan. Specifically:

1. Knitting is very time consuming, and while that's kind of the point of knitting gifts, I may need to spend every spare moment between now and the 24th working on this stuff. I could take a project to book club tomorrow, but then I would be That Girl and my friends may not sit with me. So far, I've been going through DVD rentals like mad to entertain myself while working. This weekend I watched Scarface and almost the entire Rome series. Yeah, that's a lot of hours. (Side note: Something about knitting a scarf for your grandmother while watching Scarface feels very wrong. Maybe next year I should go all out and do Subversive Cross Stitching.)

2. There is no guarantee that the recipients of these items will actually like them. But since I have a long history of giving bad gifts, this won't be much of a departure.

3. I'm not sure I want to be labeled a crafter. (Might be too late for that after I post this.) Despite recent efforts by a new generation of crafters to sex things up a bit (e.g., Stitch 'N Bitch), knitting still has a definite octogenarian feel to it. I took a trip to the JoAnn Fabrics at Rosedale Commons this weekend to pick up some yarn, and I think I felt my ovaries shrivel up the moment I walked in the door. Must be an evolutionary response to silk flowers and rick rack. A minor issue, I suppose, but it's my list and I'm putting it on.

Busy week ahead. I feel a headache coming on.

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