Friday, January 11, 2008

Big news. Made it a whole lap around the dome last night without walking. And didn't even feel like I might cough up blood. This is huge, considering that through my entire childhood, I dreaded the day of the President's Challenge mile run more than any other day. Suck on it, Seventh Grade Phys Ed Teacher! I'll run on my own terms! And I chew gum now aaaaall the time. (Yeah, how's that program working these days, anyway? What's that you say? Kids are fatter now than ever before? Huh. Well, good luck with that. More forced runs are probably the best solution. And you should probably blow your whistle more. And be an even bigger misogynist prick.)

Our office weight loss contest is starting again today. Some of you know that I won this two years ago. There were a number of factors contributing to my success that year, but chiefly it was the money. First prize was $500. I was still an intern then and would have done anything- would have licked the floors clean every night- for $500. And I definitely had the pounds to lose. But this year will be a kinder, gentler program for me; pretty much just a few holiday pounds to shed. Oh, and that whole "toning" and "firming" business. Maybe soon I can offer you all tickets to the gun show.

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