Monday, January 21, 2008

In which I recognize chefs and forget anniversaries

Hey gang, I know we've spent the weekend enduring sub-zero temperatures and even worse sub-zero windchills, but you know what I'm thinking would just be the cherry on this sundae? More snow. Oh, wait, it's snowing? Awesome. I love this place.

MLK day should be in the summer, so we'd at least have the potential for nice weather on our day off. Geez, MLK. Way to have a crap birthday, jerk.

I shouldn't be updating my blog right now. I should be writing an article about denture care. Clearly, I'm going to continue updating my blog.

I braved the elements yesterday to make a trip to the Wedge, mainly because I'm having a love affair with Parmigiano Reggiano and was nearly out. I saw a woman I thought I recognized there and realized after a few minutes that it was Brenda Langton. I considered saying hello, but thought better when I tried to imagine what I would actually say to Brenda Langton. "Hey, Ms. Langton, someday when I'm not so poor I hope to frequent one of your fine establishments. Also, C.J. is a crap 'reporter' and should have her credentials revoked. 'Kay, thanks, bye!" Yeah, no. I did not say hello to Brenda Langton.

I also did not say hello to Thom Pham on either of the two occasions that I've seen him. (One of which was at an Asian restaurant that was not his. Checking out the competition, I guess?)

Don't ask how I've learned to recognize the local restaurateurs. I have no idea. This knowledge occupies the space in my head that should probably be devoted to significant things, like my parents' anniversary, or happy moments with my now-departed dogs, or the first time so-and-so said the l-word. But no, I recognize chefs, or people I've never spoken to at my gym, or the girl who sold me on the Ubriaco at Surdyk's a year and a half ago. (And it all comes back to cheese.)

I may have to leave this coffee shop and go home to No-Internet-Land if I ever hope to write this article. Okay, yes. That is the responsible thing to do, and when I'm finished I can reward myself with... I don't know, something that doesn't cost any money or entail leaving my apartment. I'll have to think on that one.

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