Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sometimes, when I'm feeling lost or troubled and I can't sleep, a chirpy voice in my head says, "Don't worry, Kate, God has a plan for you."

Then I remember that I don't believe in God. Then things pretty much start back at square one.

At least in the morning there's coffee. This morning also brought a special gift from my friends at Sallie Mae, who wrote to let me know that I have just qualified for a special interest rate discount on my student loan! Thanks, Sal! I will surely do my best to continue paying on time for the next 13 to 15 years.

On a related financial note, Operation: Pay Off Credit Card Before Birthday is still on track. I'm probably jinxing myself by stating that, but there it is. If I succeed, I can move on to Operation: Build Up Emergency Cushion. And after that, Operation: Breathe a Little Easier and Get Some New Clothes. And Maybe Travel Somewhere.

Yodlee Money Center has been very instrumental in the process. Check it out, it makes expense analysis pie charts!

Please note my custom subcategories for alcohol expenditures. I'm pretty proud of those. Also please note that I bought contact lenses last month, thus the large medical expense is not due to VD treatment or anything sinister.

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