Monday, January 7, 2008

Was this weekend swell, or what? I love how Minnesotans rush outdoors to take advantage of these respites from the cold. I went ralking (that’s my term for running/walking, but mostly walking) around the Lake of the Isles yesterday, and there were so many shiny happy people out and about. It was like Sesame Street or something. I also got a car wash, which I was irrationally excited about. I’m feeling strangely optimistic about the weather and the time of year. I know it’s only January, but the days are getting longer, you know? I mean, we’re only three months away from summer being not quite just around the corner!

Umm. I guess I had a fistful of happy pills for breakfast today. I can’t really explain it.

Patrick and I watched Dr. No last night. Here are the two best things in Dr. No:

1. The “DANGER LEVEL” meter in Dr. No’s lab, and
2. At the very end, when Honey gets down on her knees in front of James on the boat. They tone it down a few seconds later, but that cannot have been an editing accident.

We also watched Eastern Promises, but that was slightly less fun, what with the graphic throat-slittings and whatnot.

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