Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seven Facts Learned from Warwick Davis Commentary on Willow DVD!

1. Warwick Davis was only 17 when he was cast as Willow!
2. The preferred term is "short actor."
3. The twins who played Elora Danan did not have full heads of curly red hair; that was a wig glued on with syrup.
4. Speaking of hair, Ron Howard rocked a pretty radical combover in the late 80s.*
6. Bavmorda's freaky dogs were actually Rottweilers wearing fur suits.
7. Warwick Davis takes Willow very, very seriously. As everyone should.

Thank you, downtown Borders, for closing and discounting your entire inventory, allowing me to purchase the special edition DVD of Willow. Thank you.

*Warwick Davis did not say this in the commentary; I discovered it in the making-of featurette, because yeah, I watched that too.

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