Thursday, March 6, 2008

Down dog!

About once every six months, I go to a yoga class, only to be reminded 7 minutes in- as I'm straining and sweating and twisting and most definitely not "focused on my breath"- that I totally hate yoga. But, eureka, I went to a class last night that I didn't hate. I can't tell if this was because of the instructor (There's something borderline skeevy- but somehow still maybe sexy?- about guy yoga instructors... When you're face down on the floor with your eyes closed, one leg crushed under your torso and the other extended behind you, and a voice in your ear says, "Can I move you?"- well, what are you supposed to say? I let him move me.) , or simply because I'm not a Chubby McFatty anymore and I can cope with the movements more easily.

There are so many things mechanically wrong with the previous sentence.

Anyway, the point is I might go back. Only today I'm wishing for a class where everyone sits in a circle and gives the person in front of them a shoulder massage. I don't think that class exists at the gym. It would have to be a very bad, weird gym.


Nikki said...

cwagenam said...

I wasn't focused on the mechanical wrong-ness of that sentence.

angie said...

i found that yoga is kind of an acquired taste. i thought i was going to die the first 2 yoga classes i went to, but i got better the more i went to (and then i got bored and stopped going...hmmm). good for you for going!
and i'd totally sign up for a sit in a circle and rub the shoulders in front of you class.