Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Turning 26 the Classy Way

I have to say that Nacho Fest was a major success. Now, I know what you're thinking: How could a day devoted entirely to the consumption of nachos NOT be a major success? But stuff could happen. Poor quality nachos, for example. Or nacho overdosing. Or food poisoning. But I'm happy to report that none of those things happened, except perhaps some minor overdosing, as Emily and Patrick both opted to order something other than nachos at our third stop of the day. But given their roles as the day's co-MVPs (Em was in for the duration, and Patrick only skipped the movie because he'd already seen it) I think non-nacho entrees were acceptable at that point. I, however, had an agenda to live up to, and thus ordered the nachos.

Somewhere between the second stop (Grumpy's) and the third (Uptown Bar) it dawned on me that I should have brought an antacid. But a couple drinks later I was busy doing my Fine Young Cannibals impression and all was well.

I was very, very thirsty when I woke up yesterday.

In case anyone is curious, here's my personal ranking of the day's nachos:

#1: Little Tijuana. What nachos need above all else is a substantial chip base, and Little T's delivers. Their chips stay crunchier longerer, all the better for to scoop delicious toppings with.
#2: Uptown Bar. I can't really remember what I liked so much about these, but I do know that guac was included, rather than being an optional side.
#3: Grumpy's. I was kind of unmoved by this batch, but Emily ranked them highest for having the saltiest chips. Grumpy's was a great stop overall, however, and our waitress was even from Aberdeen.

In related news, I did 90 minutes of cardio at the gym yesterday.


LizaJane said...

Hi! I found your blog! I will commence reading it on a semi-regular basis cos I think that you've got a nice way of saying stuff.

By the way, Grumpy's has amazing vegetarian food. So it would be my #1. But I haven't had nachos at the others, so I wouldn't be able to accurately rank them, anyhow.

Nikki said...


sorry i didn't eat a single nacho. i did return after steve earle for some chicken fingers. you have nice cleavage.