Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Journalism skillz

I haven't seen it yet because no tengo la cable, but I am heartened by the existence of The Paper on MTV. Even if a recent episode dealt with the editor's nose job. Also, how excellent do these books look? ("Absolutely, possitively the best book I have ever read in my entire life," says one young reviewer on Amazon.) Maybe if my stolen Cosmo magazines in fifth grade had featured "true life" articles from a reporter instead of an advertising executive, I would have gone into journalism. As it is, I have to live vicariously through Brendan and my daily Romenesko emails.

Maybe I can give the books to the Little. But first I should get a more firm determination of her reading skills. She may be below grade level. I say this because a couple weeks ago we were playing Scrabble and she tried to pluralize "WIG" with a Z. Also, her mother lets her have a TV in her bedroom, which I find troubling. But at least now she can watch The Paper!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jobs, heart cockles, etc.

Something good happened at work yesterday, and while these are uncertain times and on Monday I will likely revert to fearing the pink slip and the move into the parental basement that would inevitably result, today and this weekend I'm going to be happy about it. And I'm making an exception to the rule against blogging about work.

I've been floundering in my current position for a long time now, angry that I wasn't getting promoted while simultaneously knowing that I wasn't very good at the work and it didn't suit my personality or skills. As you might guess, this is not a recipe for career bliss, and I've been known to mumble forlornly at an extended happy hour, "I wish they would let me just sit in my cube and write."

It turns out that nobody thinks that's such a bad idea. So, after about a month of discussions and organization with my uber-supportive supervisor (I'm not being sarcastic; she really is that cool), the agency has created a new position: copywriter. It's for me. I am the copywriter, huzzah. And since the position didn't exist before (copywriters are a given at an ad agency, but the PR side staffers are generally expected to be the jack-of-all trades sort), I pretty much got to write my own job description, which is the sort of ridiculous good fortune that is not likely to reoccur. Ever. Yeah, so that job description is chock full o' things I like to do, and pretty lean on stuff I don't.

I know that the honeymoon period will pass eventually and Monday mornings will feel the same as ever, but I'm feeling good right now to be heading in a direction that I want to be in for the long term. And it's nice to work someplace where after I said, "I'm not good at this," the response wasn't, "Well, get out then." It warms the cockles of my black little heart.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

But I bet he doesn't have a lady lamp.

Oh, there’s nothing like cracking open the latest issue of Vanity Fair and finding your college dorm neighbor pictured therein to remind you of how swimmingly life has gone since graduation.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Do not leave your drink unattended near these fellows.

Remember Gorgeous Match.com Guy in the MySpace ads? It seems the powers that be have decided to replace him with Ralph Macchio Lookalike Guy and Jeremy London Lookalike Guy. Downgrade, right? These dudes would definitely put a roofie in your drink. I am no longer curious about seeing "who's online near me." But it does remind me to look up the registered sex offenders in my neighborhood.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introducing Dirty Anne Bonney

One of the best perks of living alone is creating a decor that's all your own. Thus, when you're seized by an urge to bid on something on eBay- something that in the past, some narrow-minded roommate would have found "distasteful" or "hideous" or "b'fugly"- you have no one's taste to consider but your own. And that's how you become the owner of what is clearly the world's most awesome awesomest lady lamp.

"It looks like the prow of a pirate ship," Todd and Emily both said (obviously struggling to conceal their jealousy). So, I have taken the Pirate Name Quiz to figure out what we should call her. Dirty Anne Bonney, it is.

My apartment just gets more and more rockin'.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The post-Roadshow void.

There's nothing on TV on Monday nights. Well, to be more specific, there's nothing on TV on Monday nights when you don't have cable. I'm sure everyone else watches The Hills or that new dance show on Bravo with Jessie Spano or whatever other awesome programming I'm missing out on. But for me, Monday nights are rough.

Sure, Antiques Roadshow is on at 7:00. But that's only one hour down, and then there's just an ungodly span of nothing good for the rest of the night.

UNTIL RECENTLY. Yeah. Do you know what I'm talking about? Let me drop a hint: Handsome New York detective solves crimes with sassy partner. The twist? HE'S IMMORTAL. HE'S 400 YEARS OLD. HE'S AN ACE CRIME SOLVER BECAUSE HE KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENED IN NEW YORK CITY OVER THE LAST 400 YEARS.

Yep, New Amsterdam is probably the best thing that's happened to network TV in recent memory. (Excluding Lipstick Jungle, of course.) I want to go back in time and be a fly on the wall in the meeting where this concept was approved. "It's like Law & Order meets Quantum Leap!"

I'm sure it will run for 12 years. Maybe I should re-investigate the cost of getting cable. Alternately, I could... like... read. That's probably a better solution.