Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introducing Dirty Anne Bonney

One of the best perks of living alone is creating a decor that's all your own. Thus, when you're seized by an urge to bid on something on eBay- something that in the past, some narrow-minded roommate would have found "distasteful" or "hideous" or "b'fugly"- you have no one's taste to consider but your own. And that's how you become the owner of what is clearly the world's most awesome awesomest lady lamp.

"It looks like the prow of a pirate ship," Todd and Emily both said (obviously struggling to conceal their jealousy). So, I have taken the Pirate Name Quiz to figure out what we should call her. Dirty Anne Bonney, it is.

My apartment just gets more and more rockin'.


Emily said...

My pirate name: Dread Pirate Kidd.

Why does even the lamp get a cooler pirate name than me?!

willikat said...

that is horrendous and awesome all wrapped up in one ladylamp. see your lovely ladylamp, your lamp, your lampyourlampyourlampyourlamp!