Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Journalism skillz

I haven't seen it yet because no tengo la cable, but I am heartened by the existence of The Paper on MTV. Even if a recent episode dealt with the editor's nose job. Also, how excellent do these books look? ("Absolutely, possitively the best book I have ever read in my entire life," says one young reviewer on Amazon.) Maybe if my stolen Cosmo magazines in fifth grade had featured "true life" articles from a reporter instead of an advertising executive, I would have gone into journalism. As it is, I have to live vicariously through Brendan and my daily Romenesko emails.

Maybe I can give the books to the Little. But first I should get a more firm determination of her reading skills. She may be below grade level. I say this because a couple weeks ago we were playing Scrabble and she tried to pluralize "WIG" with a Z. Also, her mother lets her have a TV in her bedroom, which I find troubling. But at least now she can watch The Paper!


cwagenam said...

John and I are also big fans of The Paper. Although we haven't seen the newest episode (thanks for ruining that nose job bombshell), we will be watching regularly. The last viewing ended with JP and I yelling at the TV and me talking about how much "I'd like to punch that editor chick in the face." Now that's good TV.

Nikki said...

that's crazy dudez? who pluralizez with a z? not me! never!
yo, i give good blow jobz. seriously. take me with you to see the daily show. i'll give jon stewart ten blow jobz and we'll have him take us out for drinkz after!