Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The post-Roadshow void.

There's nothing on TV on Monday nights. Well, to be more specific, there's nothing on TV on Monday nights when you don't have cable. I'm sure everyone else watches The Hills or that new dance show on Bravo with Jessie Spano or whatever other awesome programming I'm missing out on. But for me, Monday nights are rough.

Sure, Antiques Roadshow is on at 7:00. But that's only one hour down, and then there's just an ungodly span of nothing good for the rest of the night.

UNTIL RECENTLY. Yeah. Do you know what I'm talking about? Let me drop a hint: Handsome New York detective solves crimes with sassy partner. The twist? HE'S IMMORTAL. HE'S 400 YEARS OLD. HE'S AN ACE CRIME SOLVER BECAUSE HE KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENED IN NEW YORK CITY OVER THE LAST 400 YEARS.

Yep, New Amsterdam is probably the best thing that's happened to network TV in recent memory. (Excluding Lipstick Jungle, of course.) I want to go back in time and be a fly on the wall in the meeting where this concept was approved. "It's like Law & Order meets Quantum Leap!"

I'm sure it will run for 12 years. Maybe I should re-investigate the cost of getting cable. Alternately, I could... like... read. That's probably a better solution.


willikat said...

william and i both heart roadshow. agreed--monday nights are cable's domain.

Nikki said...

i have a book about a terrorist cell in 1985 london i can lend to you. if only i can manage to finish these last 350 P A I N F U L pages. i mean last 350 pageturning pages. whatever. i hate assigned reading.

willikat said...

just wanted you to know i awarded you a blog of excellence award...it's on my post today.