Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wherein the Little catches a break.

Big, big news, gang: The Little got in to the new KIPP Academy. I knew a bit about KIPP schools from my internship in DC, but now that I'm reviewing everything again, I just might cry here in this coffee shop. It's such a great thing for her- 80 percent of KIPP alumni go on to college. Also, here's a graph I stole from the website, if you like test scores:

Also, the school is conveniently located right across Loring Park, so I'm already envisioning happy-fun-time after-school activities when she's there every other Saturday. (Never thought that at 26 I'd look forward to picking up a 10-year-old from school, but there you have it.)

I kind of geeked out when she told me yesterday. I continue to geek out about it. It's just, in all likelihood, going to be a really pivotal thing in her life, and she deserves it. Everyone deserves it actually, and if you want to feel really crappy, read Thomas Friedman's column today. But, this post is not for feeling crappy. It's for feeling really thrilled and hopeful.

Our regularly scheduled programming of snark and sarcasm will return later this week. Hope everyone has a nice holiday, and go easy on the lighter fluid.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a real bed of roses, waggin' tails, rubbin' noses

I have good and tingly feelings about the season. Am I jinxing us all by saying that?

My feelings about spring would best be expressed by the following clip from the Oscar-winning Technicolor acid trip that is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, starring some very small-waisted ladies, and seven strapping red-headed dudes:

You're welcome. Happy spring.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I don't care I don't care I like you.

Q: What is the most responsible and adult course of action to take when one has an extraordinary number of separate projects due on May 27?
A: Waste the majority of the week of May 12, obviously. Just be stunningly unproductive. This will guarantee a challenge for the week of the 19th, and who doesn't love a big, stinky, sucky sucky suck challenge?

But anyway. In addition to the work to be done next week, I'm also planning on two shows. Because I have one of those magical turn-back-time necklaces like Hermione in Harry Potter, and I can do however much crap I want! The shows, then:

- Eric Hutchinson & Marie Digby at the Varsity on Tuesday. Continuing on my quest to feel like a loser by comparing myself to other Emersonians, must go see old classmate Eric. He's apparently an internet phenomenon, and good for him, because I do remember him as one of the non-jerk cool kids on campus. Yay for the triumph of non-jerks. AND:

- Rilo Kiley. All you haters can just keep it to yourselves, because my number two alternate career choice (after "hand model") is "Jenny Lewis," and I'm going to have a fine time, compliments of Clear Channel (thx, Clear Channel!) because one of the ways that one might be stunningly unproductive during the week of May 12 is to visit the Cities 97 website in search of Basilica Block Party info, and while there one might register to win free tickets to Rilo Kiley, which one might actually win, because despite often feeling like a loser, when it comes to small drawings and other trivial matters of luck, one is often a WINNER.

That is all. If anyone is looking for me during the next week and a half, I will either be at my desk, one of the aforementioned shows, or at home, crying in the shower.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Upon review of this post, it is clear that I so badly want to be rich.

Well, I am due for a quality post, but have nothing substantive to talk about, so y'all get the following grab bag:

1. Super cool inflation chart from the New York Times. No, really. I stared at this for a long time on Sunday, and am now even more excited about the interactivity of the online version. Incidentally, prices are up 1.8 percent in the "newspapers and magazines" category, and though it really stings to pay $24 a month for my Sunday subscription to the Times, I guess I should be glad it's not more. Also, when you read the Times, you get to feel superior to all the plebs reading the Strib, while simultaneously feeling totally inferior to all the people featured in the Times, or able to afford any of the products advertised therein. It's a neat little package of classist angst, conveniently delivered to my door every week.

2. Continuing on the topic of publications I subscribe to in order to remind myself of how poor I am: In all the hubbub over the Miley Cyrus photos in Vanity Fair, let's not overlook that the same issue also includes an excerpt from Baba Wawa's new book, in which she describes blowing off the NBC Christmas party with the president of the news division in order to go see Deep Throat. Ms. Walters, I have only one thing to say: Rock on. Oh, and also: Elizabeth Hasselbeck has no right to share a table with you. Seriously, girl got famous eating bugs.

3. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Dazzling. I was dazzled. So many sparkly things! Also, majorly funny, and not like "Oh, haha, the Bard is quite delightful!" drinking-tea-with-pinky-out funny; I mean big, belly-laughs funny. Go. See it.

That's all for now! Going to Red Wing tomorrow to see my brother's first finished guitar, and family time is sure to bring either hilarity or drama, so let's hope for hilarity.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Tom Brokaw, and here's the neeews.

Just reserved tickets to The Daily Show in St. Paul during the RNC. I guess this means I have to abandon my plan to sublet my apartment for a skillion dollars and get the hell out of town that week, but that's okay, it's The Daily Show!