Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funkylittleshack! Fun-ky lit-tle shack!

No, seriously, remember when I said I win stuff? That list now includes two tickets in the company suite for the True Colors Tour, featuring Tegan & Sara, the B-52's and Cyndi Lauper. Emily said she would accompany me, but she doesn't seem appropriately thrilled by the honor of the invitation. Will work on building her enthusiasm over the next few days by sending video clips of "Time After Time" and "Rock Lobster."

Also, tonight is the Old 97s* at First Ave, for which I will be forced to miss the finale of the Books & Bars kickball season and celebratory barbecue, but life is about choices and tonight I choose to watch Rhett Miller's trademark windmill-guitar move, and, maybe if I'm lucky, see him once again mess up the words to "Question" in French. It's going to be pretty great.

*Note that the Old 97s adhere to AP style for pluralizing numbers, while the B-52's, evidently living in their own private Idaho**, stick in a rebel apostrophe.

**No one will find this as hilarious as I do.

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