Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wherein the Little catches a break.

Big, big news, gang: The Little got in to the new KIPP Academy. I knew a bit about KIPP schools from my internship in DC, but now that I'm reviewing everything again, I just might cry here in this coffee shop. It's such a great thing for her- 80 percent of KIPP alumni go on to college. Also, here's a graph I stole from the website, if you like test scores:

Also, the school is conveniently located right across Loring Park, so I'm already envisioning happy-fun-time after-school activities when she's there every other Saturday. (Never thought that at 26 I'd look forward to picking up a 10-year-old from school, but there you have it.)

I kind of geeked out when she told me yesterday. I continue to geek out about it. It's just, in all likelihood, going to be a really pivotal thing in her life, and she deserves it. Everyone deserves it actually, and if you want to feel really crappy, read Thomas Friedman's column today. But, this post is not for feeling crappy. It's for feeling really thrilled and hopeful.

Our regularly scheduled programming of snark and sarcasm will return later this week. Hope everyone has a nice holiday, and go easy on the lighter fluid.

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