Monday, June 30, 2008

Dad's emailed musings re: online dating

Y'know - if this was the way we did things in the "old days" - I never would have met your mother. I think it's much better to get completely shit-faced, piss-pants drunk, collide with the universe (in all its diversity), randomly stumble into someone and roll the dice. But hey - that's just me.

Thanks, Dad. I'll be sure to try that approach soon.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is the last post I will make about the 48. Most likely, anyway.

Okay, here is the part where I brag some more about our 48 Hour Film. To recap the events from the Best-Of Screening and Awards:

- We received an "Audience Award," which we were aware we would be getting, but it is still notable because RT Rybak came to present them, which was very nice of him. The awards ceremony was at The Annex for some reason, and apparently RT was carded on his way in. Way to go, Annex bouncers.

- There were awards for best incorporation of each of the three "elements": a fish, the character of Mr. Perkinson, and the line "You look very familiar." You have one guess as to which of these we won. That is correct; we won Best Prop for the Big Mouth Billy Bass. Thank you, Arc's Value Village of Richfield for selling me a mint condition Big Mouth Billy Bass for $3.19. You made our entire film possible.

- We won Best Song, for Sam and Eli's epic blues-riff Saga of Willie T. Bass. I don't know if that is what the song is actually called.

- We won Best Ensemble, which means that I actually did not ruin the film with my bad acting. Hooray! We got to give acceptance speeches, and mine was very inarticulate, in that I thanked Nikki and Joe and said that working with them was "the best every time," which would indicate that I do not understand the singularity implied by the word "best."

- We did not win, but were nominated for, Best Picture. So. That means that we were in the top three of the 60-some films that were eligible, and that is just plain awesome.

- Overall, I think we were the second most winningest film, behind only the Best Picture, and the Best Picture was indeed excellent. So we are pleased.

- We are also invited to screen our film at the South Dakota Film Festival in September. You have one guess as to where the South Dakota Film Festival is being held. No, Belle Fourche is incorrect; the festival is being held at the historic Capitol Theatre in Aberdeen, i.e., Kate's childhood refuge and site of many happy times from 1993 to 2001. Homecoming, woot! I have always dreamed of making a triumphant return to Aberdeen with a supporting role in a seven minute film about a singing fish.

So that's the news. I have made everyone I know watch the damn thing like three times at this point, and I will stop doing that now. Until September.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Three things that are unrelated except in that they are shining illustrations of my dorkiness

1. I totally have a new fitness guru crush (actually, I didn't really have an old one), and her name is Ellen Barrett. Please do not judge by her lame pink website, please rent Crunch Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend, and tell me, just tell me (!), if she is not the most lovely and pleasant person who has ever told you to Down Dog. Pleasant! Lovely! Makes me wanna zip up my abs all the livelong day!

2. Also: MNspeak has informed me that there is a Twin Cities Postcard Club. They have monthly meetings and semi-annual shows. Please note the prevalence of gray hair in the photos on their website. Please note that I will totally be there in October! Yeah, umm... some of you may not be aware that I have a postcard collection, but I totally do and it's totally awesome and someday if you want to come over I will show it to you! (Future diary entry, circa 2030: And I never had another visitor to my home again.)

3. More 48-Hour Film news: In addition to being selected as Audience Favorite at our screening, R&BsnhptAFpoR has also been chosen by the judges (not sure who the judges are, though they obviously have excellent taste) as one of the 12 best films of the local festival (out of 68 total). The "Best of Minneapolis" screening is tonight at 7:00 at the Riverview, with a GALA to follow downtown (I loves me a gala). You can totally come if you have $12 and it isn't sold out. I am now adding "Award-Winning Filmmaker and Big Mouth Billy Bass Locator" to my resume. I'll never be hungry again!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go, Willy T. Bass!

Eh meh geh, you guys. Ricky and Bev Should Not Have Played that April Fool's Prank on Ralph was totally selected as the Audience Favorite at our screening last night! Now we get into the Best of Minneapolis screening next Thursday! Aieeeeee!

This is even more exciting in light of the fact that there was another film last night that was like... professional, which we thought might take the honors. But no. The audience has spoken, and they have chosen HEART and AUTHENTICITY and a RELATIVELY LOW BUDGET and a BIG GODDAMN SINGING FISH. Thank you, people of Minneapolis.

If you've got QuickTime, you can watch this stunning cinematic tour de force right here. Please note that I was a last minute addition to the cast and was not prepared to go on camera the day of shooting, and thus my hair looks like ass. Also, unlike my cast mates, I am not a good actor. But everything else about it is awesome gowatchitnowkaythanksbye.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beverly and the Big Mouth Billy Bass

Changes are afoot, y'all. I am taking steps! To shake things up! I am in the process of maybe possibly (if, you know, I can balance everything responsibly) shaking things up! Man, I am so spontaneous.

In that vein, last weekend I joined Nikki, Joe, and company in the 48 Hour Film Project. My participation was not actually required for 48 hours- I'd say I put in 20 or so- so I was not really sweating for it as much as the people who composed original music and edited the film all day Sunday, but I totally contributed in the form of being the person who actually located a Big Mouth Billy Bass, which was integral to the plot. (A little advice: If you're ever writing a script that centers around a Big Mouth Billy Bass, be advised that they are not widely sold anymore through the usual retail channels, and your team may have to scour every thrift outlet in the Twin Cities area to locate one. When trying to complete a short film in the space of 48 hours, this presents a challenge.)

So, our film is called Ricky and Bev Should Not Have Played that April Fool's Prank on Ralph (best title ever), and it is screening tomorrow night at the Riverview at 8:30. You can come! And laugh at my terrible acting! I haven't even seen it yet, and I definitely wore a top during filming that makes me look pregnant, so I will love it for sure.

There are other shakey-uppy things going on as well, which I will maybe disclose at a later date. But now it is time for lunch.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

When bailing on work to go home sick and drink tea...

... consider whether you actually have tea at home. If you're like me, and you don't, then you have to go to your neighborhood Dunn Bros., where it is too cold inside and you feel bitchy looking at the people outside, because they're enjoying the lovely day and you're Little Miss Poopypants because your throat feels like sandpaper and your parents are all the way in Boston, calling every few hours to say things like, "Okay, we're done with the North End, where should we go next?" and then not taking your suggestion of going to Brookline Booksmith. Why do they call, then, if they're not going to take your advice? Why is it so cold in here? Do I have enough cash for a refill of hot water if I reuse this same teabag? Do they charge for hot water? Why do I never have cash? Ungh, grumpypants! Whine! Poopy! Bitch!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was totally mistaken; the Old 97's do, in fact, use an apostrophe, and this would have been an easy enough thing to fact check, and usually I am anal enough to do that, but not in this case, and look at it biting me in the arse.

There were actually several things that bit me in the arse yesterday, which we shall not go into on le blog, but if your name is Tana and you are my hairdresser, you will surely hear about it soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funkylittleshack! Fun-ky lit-tle shack!

No, seriously, remember when I said I win stuff? That list now includes two tickets in the company suite for the True Colors Tour, featuring Tegan & Sara, the B-52's and Cyndi Lauper. Emily said she would accompany me, but she doesn't seem appropriately thrilled by the honor of the invitation. Will work on building her enthusiasm over the next few days by sending video clips of "Time After Time" and "Rock Lobster."

Also, tonight is the Old 97s* at First Ave, for which I will be forced to miss the finale of the Books & Bars kickball season and celebratory barbecue, but life is about choices and tonight I choose to watch Rhett Miller's trademark windmill-guitar move, and, maybe if I'm lucky, see him once again mess up the words to "Question" in French. It's going to be pretty great.

*Note that the Old 97s adhere to AP style for pluralizing numbers, while the B-52's, evidently living in their own private Idaho**, stick in a rebel apostrophe.

**No one will find this as hilarious as I do.