Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beverly and the Big Mouth Billy Bass

Changes are afoot, y'all. I am taking steps! To shake things up! I am in the process of maybe possibly (if, you know, I can balance everything responsibly) shaking things up! Man, I am so spontaneous.

In that vein, last weekend I joined Nikki, Joe, and company in the 48 Hour Film Project. My participation was not actually required for 48 hours- I'd say I put in 20 or so- so I was not really sweating for it as much as the people who composed original music and edited the film all day Sunday, but I totally contributed in the form of being the person who actually located a Big Mouth Billy Bass, which was integral to the plot. (A little advice: If you're ever writing a script that centers around a Big Mouth Billy Bass, be advised that they are not widely sold anymore through the usual retail channels, and your team may have to scour every thrift outlet in the Twin Cities area to locate one. When trying to complete a short film in the space of 48 hours, this presents a challenge.)

So, our film is called Ricky and Bev Should Not Have Played that April Fool's Prank on Ralph (best title ever), and it is screening tomorrow night at the Riverview at 8:30. You can come! And laugh at my terrible acting! I haven't even seen it yet, and I definitely wore a top during filming that makes me look pregnant, so I will love it for sure.

There are other shakey-uppy things going on as well, which I will maybe disclose at a later date. But now it is time for lunch.

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Emily said...

Start disclosing the shakey-uppy things already! Inquiring minds need to know.