Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go, Willy T. Bass!

Eh meh geh, you guys. Ricky and Bev Should Not Have Played that April Fool's Prank on Ralph was totally selected as the Audience Favorite at our screening last night! Now we get into the Best of Minneapolis screening next Thursday! Aieeeeee!

This is even more exciting in light of the fact that there was another film last night that was like... professional, which we thought might take the honors. But no. The audience has spoken, and they have chosen HEART and AUTHENTICITY and a RELATIVELY LOW BUDGET and a BIG GODDAMN SINGING FISH. Thank you, people of Minneapolis.

If you've got QuickTime, you can watch this stunning cinematic tour de force right here. Please note that I was a last minute addition to the cast and was not prepared to go on camera the day of shooting, and thus my hair looks like ass. Also, unlike my cast mates, I am not a good actor. But everything else about it is awesome gowatchitnowkaythanksbye.

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