Monday, July 14, 2008

More than you're probably interested in knowing.

"Very long wait" YOUR FACE, Netflix. I hate you I hate you I hate you and if you don't send me Mad Men tomorrow... well, likely nothing will change, but I will continue being dissatisfied with you and whining about it on my blog.

Umm. I was busy with a work thing most of this weekend, so I didn't really get a chance to unwind. This might explain the greater than usual Monday morning fury. The work thing was a large outdoor event, and we had a minor crisis on Friday night when a storm rolled in and the attendees had to be evacuated to nearby parking garages. It all ended well though, and when the whole thing was over on Saturday, Emily and I celebrated at the Bulldog with my good friend, vodka.

Hey, vodka, I missed you. Let's agree to never spend another day apart. Oh, and I love you too, coffee. You're my angel of the morning, and vodka is my lady of the night.

On the docket this week: Summer Music & Movies starts tonight; if I'm not still at work I'll be there. Class at the Loft on Thursday; the first one last week was very enlightening and I wrote a fascinating article about a bunny which included the quote, "Hey, I just poop wherever." Friday is Emily's birthday party, for which we will return to the Bulldog and hope a bald stranger sends us drinks again; but wait, maybe not, because I have to drive to Sioux Falls on Friday night for JazzFest; my parents are very excited about it and my mother is intent on introducing me to some pharmacist, but little does she know that the only pharmacist I have eyes for is Tony at the downtown Target.

Tony, remember that time you counseled me on Cipro dos and don'ts? Staring into your eyes, I was almost able to forget the searing pain in my bladder. Call me, dude; my number's in the computer.

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Thomas said...

If the biggest problem you have right now is not getting a copy of MadMen when you expected it, then I want your life. :)