Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who needs a condo when I have a lamp?

I started a new savings account with ING. It's called the Happy Fun Times Rainy Day Account. Currently, it has $25 in it, which will not buy me much Happy Fun Time, but the hope is that I can build it up and then periodically empty it for things like:
- a plane ticket to New Orleans
- a new laptop
- a frame for the print that Patrick gave me as a gift, like, ten zillion years ago and I have not yet framed because Christ on a bike, why does framing cost so much? And why are there frame shops on every other block in this town? Who can afford all the framing that is keeping these places in business?
- a lampshade for Dirty Anne Bonney. This is not even that expensive, just hard to find. But sister needs a lampshade, as you can see:

I had an idea the other night for a personal finance book, and then Braden told me that I'm the oldest 26-year-old he knows, and made fun of me for having a 401(k), and invited me to come meet him in Vegas. Which I am obviously not doing, because Vegas is not the place for old 26-year-olds with an interest in personal finance. (Note that I said "interest," not "expertise." The book would take approximately eight years of research to do, and I don't think my current job offers "book leave" like the New York Times.)

Anyway, woot woot for my $25. There was a time when this kind of delayed gratification was beyond my capabilities.

I am not going to address how this new endeavor was brought about by my depression regarding the impossibility of my ever ever owning real estate, ever.


Anonymous said...

Who needs a condo when condos in this town are like the worst real estate purchase you can make short, perhaps, of purchasing a trailer and plot of land in Hilltop?

I'm just saying.

This is Nikki. It won't let me sign in unless I sign in under the identity of my "wacky" blog.

They're building another stack of new condominiums in place of that Uptown Chinese buffet. They will fill it with yuppies who will never see a serious return on their $500,000 1BR 2BA investment. This needs to fucking stop already.

Nikki, not anonymous. And that is how I feel about condominiums.

Anonymous said...

And keep in mind...

A strong down payment on a beautiful, historic (foreclosed, copper stripped) home in Frogtown is only $6,000. It's almost like Aberdeen.

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.

This is still Nikki. Clearly.

willikat said...

money sucketh. that is my mantra lately. i just blogged about it too. a lot of stuff seems insurmountable financially lately.

ang said...

Congratulations on your ING savings account. I, too, have an account with them...and I <3 checking out how much interest I've been earning! 3% really does pile up quickly (well, much more quickly than the .5% you get at banks, if you're lucky). Save on, girl. Someday that money will pile up enough to purchase great things.

Roxie said...

If you ever want to go goodwillin' with me to look for lamp shades and antique frames, just say the word. I have a matting kit laying around somewhere.