Wednesday, August 27, 2008

But they look *fierce.*

Here in Minnesota, we're proud to be home to all kinds of companies that reflect our salt-of-the-earth Midwestern values. Among them: Red Wing Shoes. Made with care in in the lovely riverside town of Red Wing, a pair of Red Wing work boots will set you back about $175. Steep, but a fair price for a good steel-toed, leather boot that will keep you in one piece, should you drop a chainsaw on your foot or something.

The 616 9-inch Logger. Full grain, waterproof leather with Thinsulate lining. Badass!

But what if you're not the type of guy who would ever have an opportunity to drop a chainsaw on your foot? What if you're, like, an east coast ad exec who would like to dress like you know your way around a worksite, but you actually wouldn't know a socket wrench from a crescent wrench from a hole in the ground? Fear not, you big candyass: J. Crew has introduced its own line of Red Wing boots.

The Red Wing Classic Irish Setter. Unlined, unreinforced, but with groovy broken-in looking leather and antique-brass colored eyelets. The price of poseurdom: $325.

Sigh. A fool, his money, yada yada yada.


Roxie said...

Why are you researching boots?

Kate said...

Psh, what, I don't look like I need work boots? I totally own a drill/driver, which I could drop on my foot at any time.

willikat said...

awesome. i laughed out loud.