Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I gotta wear shades.

This week, Brendan talks shop with the Columbia Journalism Review. I myself have been busy chatting with the crazy cat lady a few doors down from my apartment. So see, we're both in high demand.

On a related note, here's a pretty-close-to-actual conversation I had with my Loft instructor last week:
Kate: How should I submit clips if they're articles I've ghostwritten?
Holly: Like... they actually have someone else's name on them?
Kate: Yeah. And a headshot.
Holly: Umm... I wouldn't do that.

So clearly, my career as a writer is seriously going places.


liza said...

Yup. I make my living ghostwriting articles. Its hard to be in demand when someone says "so what have you done?" and all I can say is "sorry, I can't tell you cos my contract stipulated I never actually wrote what I did write." I got lucky and got a few clients who didn't have a name for themselves so they slapped my name on the articles they bought - almost as an afterthought. Otherwise, though, its tough cookies for us.

Anonymous said...

You should write for that one blog. You know. That really serious one. The one you're neglecting to write for. I'm sure that would count.
-hunter s. shooterson