Monday, August 25, 2008

In all Rene Russo movies, the men come to regret when they don't appreciate her.

I have a song from Major League stuck in my head. It's the one that's playing when Tom Berenger is sad that Rene Russo has left him, and it sounds like Joe Cocker or someone very manly, and it goes: (I will do my best here to convey the intense emotion of the song with caps, bolding and italicization. (Real word? Don't know.))

Sometimes you're just so busy CHASING
[now sadder, forlornly] you look around your life and find no one's there

No idea what that's all about. Haven't seen Major League in probably 10 to 12 years. One of Charlie Sheen's finer films, though; I think we can all agree. Also, Dennis Haysbert's.


Morgan said...

Holy shit, Kate. I never realized that was him. The Caribbean dude that sacrifices chickens, right?

Kate said...

Yes, Pedro Cerrano! "Jobu!"