Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh those boys are much too much

Well, it's Sunday, and I should be working right now, to finish an article I've been putting off and putting off and hate so much I want the draft on my table to maybe just spontaneously combust and go away forever. Probably that's not going to happen. Also, if it did, I would have a hard time explaining it to the client.

But anyway, let's procrastinate a little while longer with le blogging. I hope you all did your patriotic duty and watched the debate on Friday. I did, kind of, and what I mean by that is I attended Morgan's debate-watching party and drank a little too much, too early, so that after maybe half an hour of debating I was not feeling in the mood for any more back-and-forth about pork barrel spending and blar blar blar*, and I might have shouted that I was bored and just wanted to see what Michelle was wearing. Also, there came a point when I stirred my drink with a cheesy fondue fork. Whatevs.

On to news of a generation that isn't yet cynical enough to participate in debate drinking games: Last Thursday was family night at the Little's new school, the KIPP Stand Academy. I went; the Little's mom did not; I don't really know why. Anyway. It is outstanding. The teachers are amazing, the program is amazing, the kids are amazing. They did a RAP of TIMES TABLES. VOLUNTARILY. They really reaaaallly wanted to show everyone; they were so eager to do it, straining from raising their hands so adamantly. So maybe my eyes welled up a little; I don't know. I can see the difference in the Little, too, even though it's only been six weeks. She has a lot more to say about what's been going on at school. She knows who's running for president. She has her Saturday electives for next term already picked out, one of which is FILM. Yeah, they have film classes for fifth graders.

So I'm just hoping that it continues to work out and she can stay there all through middle school. That would be good. "Good," as in, "life altering and miraculous."

Speaking of miracles, it will be a miracle if I ever finish this article. Gah, fine, bye for now.

* 4 cereals, though, I totally care deeply about the issues.

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