Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You can probably skip this one.

Where should one travel to during hurricane season? New Orleans, obviously. I'll be there November 8th through 11th, thanks to the hospitality of one doubting friend ("I'll believe it when I see you step off the tarmac," he wrote) and an adequately full Happy Fun Times Rainy Day Account. Let's just hope the visit is not actually rainy.

Oh my god, I have saved the money for something before actually purchasing it. My whole world is rocked.

In internet happenings, I have watched this video of a stranger's baby sneezing approximately 14 times. (If you are not familiar with that blog, don't go digging around in it unless you are prepared to cry, cry, cry at your desk.)

Also, Travel & Leisure says that Minneapolis is smart and clean, which, come to think of it, is what Joe Biden said about Obama back in February. Minneapolis is the Barack Obama of US cities! Hey, remember in '04, when I wanted a Wesley Clark/Joe Biden Silver Fox ticket? You probably didn't know me then, but yeah, true story.

Continuity of this entry: no.

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