Monday, October 6, 2008

Challah-back girl. (Had to do it.)

Last weekend the Times magazine printed a couple challah recipes, and I don't know what got into me, but I decided to try one on Saturday. Now, when the Times says the recipe makes a loaf "the size of a skateboard," you may think to yourself, "Oh, haha, hyperbole is so delightful in a recipe." But what you really should keep in mind is that the Times is a very serious paper, and they're not kidding.

You should also be aware that making challah is kind of a weird Saturday evening activity, and if your friends call and invite you to come meet them at the CC, you may have to reply that you can't come until much later, because you're waiting for your dough to rise. And then you'll have a few hours to kill watching The Notebook and feeling lame. But when it's all done you'll have a nice, albeit unevenly shaped, skateboard-sized challah.

No comments about my dirty stove.

French toast at my place for the next three weeks, then?


Jess said...

Mazal tov, my shiksa friend. You are forgiven for your tardiness on Saturday due to the dough, but definitely not for watching The Notebook.

Roxie said...

I love me some French toast. But we have to come in rotations of two, yes?