Monday, October 27, 2008

Dishes for every day of the year.

I went to my grandma's this weekend to help out my mom a bit with her ongoing packing efforts, now that Grandma has (relatively happily) moved to an assisted living home. (Which we love, by the way; it's very nice and doesn't smell bad and her apartment is bigger than mine.) It was a little overwhelming. Grandma has a lot of stuff. A lot. Most of it unnecessary. Example: The woman does not drink, yet I packed at least five different sets of cordial glasses. In fact, I mostly packed dishes all day. Sooooo many dishes.

I don't really have time right now to delve into the deeper things about the visit- how it was sad but still a relief, how the house was clearly getting away from her, how I think that the farm is the root of everything sane and practical in my life and I'm going to have a hard time when it's really gone.

But I took pictures.

And when we went to see her in Mitchell we drove by the Corn Palace, and I know how much you'd all like pictures of that as well.

Please note the Alamo mural.


willikat said...

Oh, grandparents. It's hard. William's grandparents had a hell of a time leaving their farm.

cwagenam said...

When we sold the farm I took the spare key to the front door. But don't tell the people that live there because I'm pretty sure they didn't change the locks.