Saturday, November 22, 2008

Early Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Because I'll be on the road on Wednesday night, and probably won't want to spend time online on Thursday, and because I'm procrastinating on a work project, I shall now make a list of things I am thankful for this year, so that I will be prepared when my mother makes everyone say something at Thanksgiving dinner.

1. The family is doing well. Mom is kicking ass at work, Dad has finally found a career that suits him, Jon quit smoking and continues to learn his craft as a luthier. And while Grandma probably wouldn't count this as one of her best years, I think that what happened needed to happen. And if you're an elderly widow living alone on a farm, and you're going to break a hip, you should do it in public, and in a relatively minor way, which she did. So way to go, Grandma.

2. Politically, things are looking up. Like, way up. I'm not saying that things are going to be magically fixed in January, but I am glad to know that the people in charge of trying to fix things are thoughtful and educated and don't make decisions based on their "gut" or "a feeling" or "Jesus." Also, Tom Daschle, you guys. This puts me, like, two degrees from the president. The Aberdeen mafia knows no bounds.

3. Remember that time about a year ago when I said I was going to pay off my credit card and start being a grown-up financially? Yeah, I did that. I don't want to tempt fate here, but I have built up a meager savings account that I now add to every month like a big girl. Also, the current financial crisis, if it had to happen, is at least happening at a time in my life when my portfolio is pathetic in the first place, and now has plenty of time to recover. Also, if I do get laid off, I'll have only myself to take care of. No kids, no husband, no house payment. I could totally pick up and join the circus. (A trapeze act, obviously. Finally, an appropriate occasion to wear sequins!)

4. My fuh-wends. I didn't know many people when I moved here, and for a while my friends were my brother's friends, and then my boyfriend's friends, who were all wonderful, but I sometimes felt a degree removed. So now finally, I am really glad to have do-it-yourself friends, people I met at work and book club and kickball, as well as a few members of the Aberdeen mafia, of course. This year we played kickball in formal wear, spent a rained-out cabin weekend on feats of skill and strength, and tomorrow will celebrate "Thankskegger," to which I will bring a Jell-o mold in the shape of a lobster.

Okay, so in order to fully enjoy Thankskegger, I need to finish an article. Right now. On Saturday night. Things I am not thankful for this year: My ongoing inability to write during normal work hours at my desk.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I bet she uses Jergens.

Most adorable quote in yesterday's paper, from a second grader who met Michelle Obama during her tour of DC schools: "I touched her hand and she smelled like cherries."

I am totally jealous of that second grader.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh hai, sad new cubicle.

This seems the perfect time to take a week off.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maybe you haven't yet heard, but this changes everything.

Here is my absolute favorite thing about the outcome of the election: After all the talk the McCain camp did about "real Americans" and people who were "pro-America"... that's exactly who came out to vote on Tuesday. It just turns out that "real America" isn't as white, or as ignorant, or as fearful as Sarah Palin & co. had hoped.

That makes me smile.