Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

La Cocina

New rule: No more printing off recipes I see in blogs until I actually make, umm... 10. That seems like a good number, considering I have a binder at home with at least 100 things I've clipped out or printed because they looked amazing- but apparently not amazing enough for me to actually get off my duff and make. Rainbow cake was a big exception, because that thing pretty much demands to be made. I mean, how could you not? Recently, I have added to the bulging pile o'recipes with this, this, and this.

It's pretty much all Jess's fault for getting me started down the addictive path of food-blog reading. Thanks a lot, jerk.

Something that I've noticed in all the blog- and NY Times-reading is that the authorities are very encouraging, regardless of the space or tools you have to work with. Well, I guess I mostly mean Mark Bittman, whose How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is the biggest baddest food reference I have in my teeny internet-less apartment. But also, when I sat in on Judy's cooking lesson for Brendan, she was very easygoing about technique and tools. It's heartening for me because this is my kitchen:

Now, I took this picture before I painted and moved in, so it's not quite that bleak anymore, but you can see what I have to work with in cabinet space. No room for a stand mixer here. But I do what I can. Sometimes. When I'm not lazy. So, not often. But sometimes.

Whatever. You know what I mean.