Tuesday, February 10, 2009

La Cocina

New rule: No more printing off recipes I see in blogs until I actually make, umm... 10. That seems like a good number, considering I have a binder at home with at least 100 things I've clipped out or printed because they looked amazing- but apparently not amazing enough for me to actually get off my duff and make. Rainbow cake was a big exception, because that thing pretty much demands to be made. I mean, how could you not? Recently, I have added to the bulging pile o'recipes with this, this, and this.

It's pretty much all Jess's fault for getting me started down the addictive path of food-blog reading. Thanks a lot, jerk.

Something that I've noticed in all the blog- and NY Times-reading is that the authorities are very encouraging, regardless of the space or tools you have to work with. Well, I guess I mostly mean Mark Bittman, whose How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is the biggest baddest food reference I have in my teeny internet-less apartment. But also, when I sat in on Judy's cooking lesson for Brendan, she was very easygoing about technique and tools. It's heartening for me because this is my kitchen:

Now, I took this picture before I painted and moved in, so it's not quite that bleak anymore, but you can see what I have to work with in cabinet space. No room for a stand mixer here. But I do what I can. Sometimes. When I'm not lazy. So, not often. But sometimes.

Whatever. You know what I mean.

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Jess said...

You're welcome, jerk. I know this goes against your "new recipe" resolution, but can you please make challah again? I'll help you! And then we can make french toast and probably lots of other things that we can look up on food blogs.