Monday, May 25, 2009

in which I return, am a big downer, try to think of nice things

Oh hai. I’ve been away for a bit. Not like... physically away from the computer or anything, just away from le blog, because it seemed for a while that there was nothing I could write about that would be honest, because frankly a lot of things have been very sad and I didn’t know how much of that I wanted to put in here. And things still are sad, but there are happy things too, and hey it’s like summer now, so why don’t I cheer up a bit.

Sad things: A few months ago my grandma in California was diagnosed with cancer and given a pretty grim prognosis. Very shortly after that, my grandma in South Dakota was also diagnosed with cancer, and I don’t even know if they bothered to give her a prognosis because by the time they found it it was everywhere and she died pretty quickly after that. On the 15th, specifically. So there’s that. And there were actually a lot of things that were very okay about it. She didn’t seem to mind that much; she had Alzheimer’s and this came at a time when she was still mostly herself, but aware of the fact that soon she wouldn’t be, and my grandpa died nine years ago, so I think she felt this was a fine time to go. I hope that when it’s my turn I will be similarly pulled together.

I went back to work last Thursday and managed to be pretty okay with the saying hi to everyone and opening the nice card they gave me. But then our VP stopped by to say he was sorry, and added, “Grandmas are important,” and I almost bawled right in front of him, because yeah, they are. That sums it up nicely.

Okay, but other things, happy things, let’s make a list:
1. Brendan was named a Pulitzer finalist. And also won some fancy-pants award from Columbia. This is a happy thing in that a) I know him and I like to brag about it, b) it’s wonderful for him, obviously, and should help him go places at a time when journalists are finding that hard to do, and c) should he ever write me a letter of recommendation, my letter will SO beat any competitor’s. SUCK IT, THEORETICAL COMPETITORS.

2. My friend Roxie is starting an art fair/farmer’s market Uptown; I and a posse of helpers have been pitching in, and it’s looking like this thing is actually going to happen. We’ve been working with city hall and the neighborhood boards and it’s all official-like. We’re still taking vendors, and we’ll need volunteers, and we’ll need people to come and actually shop at this thing, so put it on your calendars, y’all. The first one is on Father’s Day, you can totally bring your dad and then go have a few beers at the Herkimer, YOUR DAD WILL LOVE IT.

3. Kickball starts this week.

4. It’s nice out.

5. I still have a job.

6. Hey, this is probably obnoxious to announce on my blog, but I totally started dating this guy in December and he’s totally my boyfriend. And today we assembled an Ikea bookshelf in under two hours, and that goes on the list of happy things. And so does he. He can juggle and stuff. He’s very talented. WHAT. SHUT UP.

7. My brother finished school. If anyone knows of any guitar repair/luthier job openings, he would love to know about it.

8. I made an awesome pasta salad yesterday.

Obviously, I’m supposed to be writing something else right now. I am clearly incompetent at the aforementioned job that I still have. Anyway, I’m back and stuff.