Tuesday, September 1, 2009

end of summer status report

Hey, bye summer. You will forever be associated with death in my memory, but it's still too bad you were so short. Also, a bit cool. Not a lot of great river tubing weekends. Summer 2009: When Not Bringing Death, Still Disappointing Me with Unfavorable Temperatures!

So where were we. There was that wedding; that happened and was lovely. There is another wedding next weekend, which means another outing for the happy green dress. And TOMORROW. Well, tomorrow is kickball prom. Oh yes. For which I have purchased ANOTHER dress, but I got this one at Ragstock for $12 so it's not quite time for me to join Dress-Fiends Anonymous. This one is red. It has poofy sleeves and there's a bow on the heinie and a bit of a train. It's pretty much the most tasteful thing there ever was, and if you'd like to see it you are cordially invited to come by Painter Park tomorrow night around 7:00. I can't say much about my kickball skills, but in the field of fashion I am about to bring it.

In other upcoming events, the final Uptown Market of the season is on September 20th. This thing has been the happy standout of my summer. I'll admit, when we first started talking about it, I wasn't entirely confident it was really going to happen. But then stuff kept chugging and chugging and we have had one, two, three events now, and people seem to like them and our vendors keep coming back, and when the markets are going on I look around at all the tents up and down the street and think, "Hey! I totally helped to do this!" And later I look at our Flickr stream and it's just this giant giant warm fuzzy. So yeah. That is happening. And we have some big ideas for next year, but regardless of what happens with that, I will forever be so proud of what we've pulled off this summer.

Well anyway, that's the update. And oh, I'm tweeting now, because I was looking for a new way to be obnoxious. So in between posts here, there may be tweets there, and that is how I will bare my life until they invent a way for everyone to post their genome map on the interweb, and then I'll do that and say hey everyone, look at me, me, me.